Keep Visitors by Creating Quality Content…

Websites must first be designed with content created for visitors, not specifically for search engines.  A quality website centered on aesthetics and usability for visitors vs. search engine crawlers benefits greatly for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

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Well Designed Websites…

A jumbled, poorly coded, website back-end often negatively affects the visitor experience.  It slows down page loading times for visitors and gives extra pieces for search engine spiders to crawl.  Having well-organized code using solid standards helps you maintain a quick, streamlined website.  A well-coded website is faster for both crawlers and visitors.

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Welcome to, we specialize in Visitor and Search Engine Optimization. Let us maximize the effectiveness of your site for visitors and search engines.

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Visitor Optimization

We specialize in helping website owners optimize their sites for visitors. The longer you keep a visitor on your pages, the better chance of making a sale or eliciting an inquiry. It's all about the ROI and we can help you get there. Benefits

What Can I Expect?

VISEOP does a full visitor and SEO assessment of your website. We analyze titles, descriptions, keywords, content, pages, and take deep dives into your site code and offer a comprehensive document for you to act on immediately. Offering

Assessment Costs

At VISEOP our goal is to create a working document to help website owners act on establishing an environment visitors wish to come back to and also help with keywords, metatags, and other SEO-related issues. Pricing